Conversations With Myself

by Logan Brown

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callenjdiana great ! cant wait to go see tay live aswell Favorite track: OK.
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This album is my rebirth if you will. I was almost tempted to call it my debut but that would erase the last two years of writing and recording. I mean no disrespect to those albums it was just time for a change.


released August 26, 2016

Written and performed by Logan Brown
Recorded, Mixed and Mastered by Tim Aylesworth



all rights reserved


Logan Brown Kingston, Ontario

Trying to put the rock n roll back into the acoustic guitar, if you're a fan of Dave Matthews Band, Fleetwood Mac, Jimi Hendrix Experience, or anyone else who pushed the boundaries of music Logan Brown is the musician for you!

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Track Name: Waste My Time
Too much time for you baby
Too much time for nothing at all
And it could be bad for you baby
And it could be free with the fall

We could take our time
Or we could take it all in a blur
But don't ever say I was bad to you baby
Cus lovin' you is all there ever were

Oh and I'll waste my time on you x2

And what I saw in another
Had nothing to do with what I saw in you
Just don't say I never loved ya
Cus it wasn't me that needed to find somebody new

All this time wasted on you baby
But you could never understand
So I need you to give me back my mind
Oh please, walk away
Track Name: Til The World Ends
I had a dream, that all of the stars in the sky, fell down one by one.
They took out London, and Kingston, til nothing was left but out setting sun
I woke up, too afraid to open my eyes because maybe I'd only see the end
And I realised, that I'd wasted my time worried about Facebook and messages from friends

And how many phone calls and messages
How many special requests
From the guy at the bar who puts tips in my jar
How long, til the world ends.

I walk these streets, of this small one horse town afraid of every step
Cus the big great unknown, that'll be all our homes, gets closer.
I can't imagine a world without parents, or brothers or sisters or friends
And I don't mean to bore you, but I feel like I've wasted my time.

And one day she'll be my wife
And we will have children of our own
We'll hold them close to our hearts
And try to raise them, better than us
Track Name: OK
She had that kinda warm personality
Like the Summer breeze on a cold Winter day
And I couldn't get two words outta my mouth without lookin like that slick back haired boy with a cigarette pack comin out of my arm.

Oh back then they used to take us behind the schoolyard
Say if we didn't set our goals we wouldn't amount to anything.
Maybe that was the day, I said hello, or goodbye
Maybe that was the day I took my first drink

And I, I think it's gonna be okay

We both had daddies buried at the bottom of different things.
Yours in a bottle, and mine in his car
Well we took off late one night singing " we belong together"
And if we set our goals on us, we might get far

We packed up late one night and headed for the highway
Two pairs of everything, and a bottle for the road
We finished up to quick and started celebrating early
Didn't see the headlights of the oncoming Ford

And to this day I still think of you often
And the sound of your heartbeat over every siren heard
And every time I find the strength to look into the mirror
I just hear your voice and I speak your final words
Track Name: Four Letter Words
And you, could take my breath away
From the first time, I ever, saw your face
Empty room, or full house I don't care
Cus I saw everything I had ever wanted
Standing there

And you drive me crazy
With four letter words

And every day, you know the sun seems a little brighter
And I welcome him, with open arms
and I don't think, we could hold each other tighter
Because it's this love, this love, this love
That keeps me safe from harm

You are every kind of perfect in this crazy world, with which we're living in
So I think maybe we, maybe we, maybe we could just stay inside tonight
Track Name: Conversations With Myself
Oh the state of what you say
Fists raised in a declaration
Oh if you've come out play
Well then we don't need justification

All of these solutions
Point to better wealth
So I've come to see that my time's better spent
On these conversations with myself

Oh, I'm holding out my arms
To a fascist psychopath
Oh, if you see nothing wrong
Then I hope you find peace in the aftermath
Track Name: Broken Fairytales
I'm getting tired
Of falling asleep on the wrong side of the bed
And I wish that I was missing you
Like a hole inside my head.

I'm taking longer, walks by the water
And telling myself I'm doing just fine
But between you and me, I haven't eaten in weeks
And started smoking again, just to clear my mind.

Oh and I don't know
How we ended up out here
It feels so good when you're around but you're disgusted by my sound so my darling I think I
Will disappear

Staring down at the bottom of my glass
Saying "Cheers babe, I guess this means you've won"
I ended up heart in hand, and out on my ass
I needed something, just a little more then fun oh

Now I spend every second of my life counting the hours til the sun comes up to rise
I even counted, all the times the black blade on my ceiling fan went by
Track Name: Where Have You Been (All My Life)
All these years, waiting by the phone.
Just to hear your sweet voice, hear those smooth vibrant tones.
And I think to myself, where have you been all my life?

All this time, calling your name.
Saying "baby baby please, end my lonely pain"
And I think to myself, where have you been all my life?

And I try try try, to remind myself
Just to sooth my aching heart
But like, Tommy said, all those years ago
The waiting is the hardest part

So I'm counting, all my blessings.
And I'm saying all my prayers.
I'm falling to sleep with my arms wide open
and dreaming that you are there.
And I think to myself, where have you been all my life?
And I think to myself, where have you been all my life?